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Your website is your online business card, the first introduction that many of your potential customers and clients will have to your business. Does it project the message you want it to project or is it lacking in certain areas? Are the visitors you’re seeing converting into customers or clients? Many companies ponder this question and the reasons behind poor return rates and low ROI. They look at their site, think it looks great, and assume that it must be the advertising or marketing that’s at fault. Don’t make that mistake. The placement of certain elements on your site, like sign-up or buy now functions, is critical for conversion, as are colors, content, and images.

Our design team can fix what is wrong with your existing website or create a new site that will work the way you need it to. We also do the back door website SEO that you as an individual would overlook or simply not know anything about. The look and feel of your website is important, but the design elements that you don’t see are what will bring traffic to your doorstep. That’s what we specialize in here at DCM Moguls. The coding behind the pages is what search engines look for when they send out spiders to index your site. The quality of your content is what they use to determine page rank.

Did you know that certain colors turn people off and others cause them to stay on a page longer? Countless studies have been done on the subject and we base our decisions on those studies. We also utilize our experience as a Los Angeles SEO company to come up with something that will not only bring in traffic, but keep it on site. Our analytics programs track much more than just hits and page views. We believe that time on site is more important than either of them. It tells us about the behaviors of your visitor once they get to your site. You can get a million hits a day; they are useless if no one stays on your website more than a few seconds.

We’ve also learned the value of video in the website design process. Using HTML5 we are able to create videos that can be indexed by the search engines and add relevance to your site. That wasn’t possible with the flash websites of the past. It also wasn’t possible to create independent URLs with category tags when sites were all one big flash banner. You’ll notice none of those sites show up on search engine page one for your industry keywords. That’s why we don’t use them. Here at DCM Moguls, we know what works and what doesn’t work. Come to us for your website development and take a look at the organic SEO packages we offer while you’re here. We’ll design a site that reflects what you want for a company image, bring you the traffic you need to be successful, and make sure that traffic converts into sales for you.

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