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Organic SEO

How many times have you found a business or service you need by using the search box at the top right hand corner of your page? Organic SEO, or organic search engine optimization, is the process of building links and submitting your site to the right directories to make sure you show up on that first page of search results for your industry keywords. Here at DCM Moguls, we specialize in organic SEO and we’ve been doing it for over a decade. There is a right way to get results and a wrong way. The right way involves content development and manual link building to quality, high PR websites. The wrong way is how the other guys do it.

Picture your website as a small island in the middle of the ocean. No one can see it because the area is so vast and it’s unlikely a boat or plane will be traveling nearby. You need to put out beacons, mark your position on maps, and establish trade relations with other islands in the area. Making yourself part of a network will make you easier to find. That’s how organic SEO works. The more sites that list you as a resource or information source, the more likely that someone will come to you for what you have to offer.

In recent years, the term “SEO” has come to have negative connotations to a lot of the small business owners who have tried to make it doing eCommerce on the web. There have been too many “black hat” SEO firms in our industry and they have made it more difficult for the rest of us to acquire clients. Despite that, we have not only been successful, but have thrived and grown, even during the recession. Our team of organic SEO specialists gets results and those results lead to referrals and companies renewing for additional months of service. When Google changed its algorithm in 2011 (Google Panda), our clients were not affected because we don’t use those black hat techniques.

Using content development, quality link building, and website SEO that includes coding and often mobile website conversion, we are able to secure high page ranks for all of our clients. Contact us today and we’ll do a site analysis on your business, come up with an affordable SEO plan that works for you, and make some recommendations to improve your internet presence and bottom line. DCM Moguls is the Los Angeles SEO firm that can do that for you.

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