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Opt In Email Marketing

Most visitors who come to your website don’t purchase something on their first visit. It has nothing to do with the quality of your product or service. It’s just consumer behavior. Making a purchase online is a simple process, but the average shopper is more cautious these days because of the recent economic difficulties they’ve had to deal with. If you want to take a first-time visitor and turn them into a paying customer, you need to somehow capture them and communicate with them. The best way to do that is by installing an opt-in email sign-up box on your landing page. Positioned properly, it will help you build a list of prospects that will eventually turn into regular customers.

If you contact us to sign up for an organic SEO marketing plan, we will generally recommend having us install an opt-in email marketing sign-up box as part of the initial website SEO work we do. Incorporating it into the original design will eliminate the need to add it later on. We’ll run some PPC at it to make sure it converts and then we’ll go to work on link building and directory submissions to bring you natural traffic. If you’re a regular PPC Management or First Page Placement client, you’ll be able to build your list starting on Day 1 of the campaign. Organic SEO will take more time to bring numbers in, but those visitors will have the option of joining your list when they arrive.

DCM Moguls is a full service internet marketing firm. That means we’ll not only create an opt-in email box for you, but we’ll have our writing team create some emails to send to those folks who sign up for your list. If you add custom blog creation to the package of services we provide for you, we can set it up so that each blog post goes to everyone on your email list when it’s posted. That means you can communicate with all of your prospects with a simple copy, paste, and click. You could also have us do it for you. The blog option is great for sales announcements and upcoming events notices.

The beauty of opt-in email is that it shows up in the inbox, not the spam folder of the recipient. We can set your sign-up feature to be a double opt-in or single opt-in option, the former being the more targeted, but the latter easier to get a sign-up for. We can also incorporate promotions for the email list into any marketing we do if you order opt in email marketing as part of one of our affordable SEO packages. Contact us today to learn more about this or any of our other services.

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