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Mobile Website Conversion

How do you access the internet? If you’re like a growing segment of Americans, you do most of your surfing and searching on a mobile device. It might be a smart phone, an iPhone, or even an old blackberry or flip-phone. You are on the go and don’t have time to check email at the office or home. For businesses that sell products and services on the internet, that’s great. It means that there are thousands of new potential customers and clients out there, but what if they can’t see your website? Smart phones can see almost anything, but those older devices, which are still quite common, will scramble those flash and video images on your site, leaving the viewer no choice but to shop elsewhere. You need mobile website conversion.


Modern technology gives us the ability to set your website to detect when it’s being accessed by a mobile device. That same technology also gives our website development team the ability to create a mobile version of your website that can be seen by all devices. Some of the programs we use even detect different devices and serve up the mobile version of your site with the best load time and images. If the mobile device can see more, you want to provide more. The smart phone can have the full version, but the flip phone needs a more watered down edition that the user can get what they need from. With our mobile website conversion service, we are able to give you all of that.

As with any of our services, mobile website conversion can be ordered as a stand-alone service or as part of one of our organic SEO packages. Local internet marketing and link building activities work best when there is a mobile version of your website available. Without it, you’ll be losing out on a lot of extra business that could be coming your way, business that will go to your competitors who do have mobile versions available. Traffic is only good if there’s a conversion available for it. The inability to view your website in a readable form eliminates that possibility.

The mobile market is so large now that there are marketing tools designed specifically to service it. When we do website SEO for new or existing customers, we now include mobile website conversion as part of the package. It just doesn’t make sense not to. It’s one of the best ways to offer a more affordable SEO option for small businesses. Our price doesn’t change, but the number of new visitors you get does. It goes up, giving you higher conversion and sale numbers. Make sure you ask about mobile website conversion when you call for our local internet marketing or Los Angeles SEO services.

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