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Plastic Surgery Marketing

Posted on January 30, 2018 by admin

If you are taking the time to read this article, like many other medical professionals before you, you’re ready to monetize your schooling. Frankly, who could blame you? According to CLASSROOM.com it can take up to 13 years to become a practicing plastic surgeon. By the time you open the doors to your own practice you may be facing upwards of a few hundred grand in school loans. It is time to pay the piper. So, how do you attract new patients? How do you differentiate yourself and your skills in comparison to your top competitors. You may even be going up against some of your old classmates. Simple, be visible where your potential patients are looking to find a doctor. It is time for Plastic Surgery Marketing 101.

Does Plastic Surgery Marketing on Google Work?

Let’s take a minute to be 100% honest with each other. Does marketing on Google work? Yes and a BIG no. It is no surprise, it is 2018. Everyone who has a business, yes including doctors as well, knows about marketing on Google. There are AdWords, Map Placements, Organic Rankings, Google 360. We can go on and on but you get the point. Here is the bottom line. According to USA Today Americans spent billions (yes plural) on plastic surgery last year. How did the majority of these patients locate their physician? The found them on Google. However, does Google Marketing work for you? We need to go deeper to understand this fundamental question.

Can I Convert From My Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaign Online?

While writing this blog I jumped around and looked at a couple plastic surgery websites. To go over all of the analytics would be min numbing, if you are interested in the full report you can email me at technology@dcmmoguls.com. In the title of the email just put “want report on plastic surgery blog” and I will be happy to send you the full analysis. Okay, cutting to the chase. I looked at www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com. Their estimated results per month are 1,007 for organic clicks and 944 from Google AdWords. Yes, I know, Beverly Hills. So I looked in Parker, CO and I found http://denverbreast.com/ STILL getting 558 clicks a month. So now let us take a minute to review. Big city to not so big city, there are STILL thousands upon thousands of potential patients a month looking for say, “boob job” near me. Keep reading it gets juicer in the next section.

Plastic Surgery Marketing and Landing Paying Patients

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that they average cost of breast augmentation is $3,719.00 and is going up every year. For argument sake, lets just agree that larger markets dictate higher prices. It is what it is. So a “boob job” in Beverly Hills is going to cost above the normal average and say the same surgery in Green Bay, Wisconsin is going to be less (Go Packers). Bottom line, it is simple mathematics. We now have factual data that there are searches on Google, thousands upon thousands. If you can get your hands (and you spent a lot of money on schooling to have excellent surgical hands) on those clicks, reverse the math. If you get 500 clicks, and 50 conversions to patients each month, and you charge $3,000.00 per surgery which is BELOW the average fee. You brought in $150,000.00 in a month. Time 12 (a full year) your looking at $1,800,000.00 in revenue. That the low end conversion of 10% and the low end cost of the surgery. YES it CAN work by marketing on Google… hence I said “CAN“.

Making Plastic Surgery Marketing Work

Let’s come full circle. Remember college? Here are the facts. Plastic Surgeries are increasing each year. There are thousands of searches each month for each city, so millions of total searches each year. Patients spent multiple BILLIONS of dollars on these surgeries, so we know they pay. Your potential patients are finding their physician of choice by “googling” and locating a doctor. IF YOU WANT TO TAKE these searches AWAY from your competitor and LAND them on your website you MUST use a technology firm who understands how to “out program” your competitor. Your patients pay you because you are a medical professional. Don’t try and go the cheap route and hire a random marketing company. IF you pay a licensed, technical profession, certified to manage a Google campaign. So, the question of IF it works falls in your hands. You spent the money to make them machines. Now get your Google Marketing to work for you. Interested to see how many clicks you are missing per MONTH? Want to see what competitors of yours are getting those clicks? Want to find out how to get those clicks for your practice? Email me at technology@dcmmoguls.com.

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